Care recipient (cr) has trouble using his or her cell phone

Try: Write down the basic instructions for making and receiving calls voice mail and using the contact list put the instructions on the refrigerator in the living room and in other places where the cr spends alot of time also put the instructions in the glove compartment of the cr cr’s car enter cr’s contact list and add additional numbers as needed if possible reset the calling and answering modes of the phone to an easy-to-remember option consider getting the cr a cell phone with the following features very easy to use a basic phone with only the the needed functions a phone with alot of extra bells and whistles may be very confusing to the cr and difficult to use large key pad that is easy to manipulate with the fingers easy to read screen with very large letters easy to read key pad for example white letters on black keys earpiece with a loud volume and clarity

Materials: Pen and paper

Categories: Communication, Maintenance, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware

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Keywords: Cell phone telephone communication

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