Manage short-term memory loss due to stroke or head injury by creating an easy-to-use daily planner and information holder

Try: #set up the binder as an

Materials: 3-ringer binder with subject dividers 3-hole punch hole-punched supply pouch paper pens sticky notes and highlighter marker calendar

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Independence, No Supervision, Vision, Good Vision, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware, Short-Term Memory, Poor S T Memory

Information: Manager and daily planner by creating sections for the subjects such as these calendar contacts exercise plan medicine-taking record journal pages and resources ##put the calendar section in the front so the day day’s appointments are easily visible write appointments on the calendar as soon as they are made also note write related tasks on the appropriate days and put a line through them as they are done consult the calendar first thing in the morning and then as often as needed throughout the day ##in the contacts section keep a list of important and frequently-called people their addresses phone numbers emails or fax numbers ##keep diagrams of exercises and outlines of special diet plans in their own sections for easy viewing while working out or preparing meals ##in the medicine section keep an outline of the daily medicine schedule and enough paper to keep an ongoing log of the day and time medications are taken make a note each time medication is taken right when it is taken ##hole-punch brochures catalogs or useful flyers to be kept in a resource section this keeps important clutter down and information in a central location #put lined paper or a hole-punched spiral journal in the binder to make notes throughout the day of thoughts things to do and contacts with various people to follow up on that may otherwise be forgotten #keep pens sticky notes highlighters and other useful supplies in a hole-punched pouch in the the binder #keep the binder with you but if you are taking it out of the house use a black marker to mark out any information that could be used for identity theft or fraud such as your social security number a case number or prescription number that may appear on various documents however do write your name and telephone number on the inside of the book so someone can return it to you in the unfortunate event you misplace it information

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