A treasure walk and related activities may benefit Care recipient (cr) with some memory loss who is restless has trouble sleeping at night and shows signs of frustration verbally and physically

Try: #a treasure walk is exercise coupled with an activity that encourages memories of the walk find a quiet comfortable place for walking a park with flat pathways or inside a shopping mall avoid busy hours in the mall many are quiet weekday afternoons between two and four #walk as long as you and the cr are comfortable and interested as you walk take pictures of what catches the cr’s attention or what you both enjoy #use the paper bag to gather mementos as you walk leaves postcards flyers etc #use the notepad and pen to write down or draw pictures of things you see or do along the walk #when you return home sit down with the cr and review the walk you can look at the pictures stored in the camera or you can print some of them out and put them on the bulletin board #put the three shoeboxes on the table near the cr and empty out the paper bag filled with mementos of the walk ask the cr to sort the items in various ways by type color size etc and encourage the cr to talk about the items as they are sorted #later the boxes can be emptied or you can keep the items for a week or so and empty the shoeboxes when they are full #keep the activity fun and uncomplicated

Materials: Suitable safe area to walk outside or in an indoor space digital camera pen and pad of paper paper bag table and 2 chairs 3 shoeboxes markers bulletin board caregiver walking companion

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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