Depression is unfortunately common in some care recipients cr the very nature of depression reduces with a person person’s ability to seek help draining energy and self-esteem for depressed crs seeking treatment may be difficult if the person is older and views mental illness with a stigma if a cr is depressed the caregiver can make a difference by offering emotional support the following are tips for helping a depressed cr

Try: Invite the cr out suggest activities to do together that the cr used to enjoy walks an art class a trip to the museum or the movies, anything that provides mental or physical stimulation schedule regular social activities group outings visits from friends and family members or trips to the local senior or community center can help combat isolation and loneliness plan and prepare healthy meals a poor diet can make depression worse so make sure the cr is eating right with plenty of fruit vegetables whole grains and some protein at every meal encourage the cr to follow through with treatment depression usually recurs when treatment is stopped too soon so help the cr keep up with his treatment plan make sure all medications are taken as instructed remind the cr to obey doctor doctor’s orders watch for suicide warning signs seek immediate professional help if you suspect that the cr is thinking about suicide note if the cr shows any of these symptoms consult a physician

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