Dementia may begin gradually and it may take some time for care recipients crs and caregivers to realize what is happening

Try: #evaluate what is happening to the cr are normal behaviors becoming more exaggerated and inappropriate are simple tasks becoming difficult does the cr ask you to perform tasks that would otherwise be taken care of independently has the cr stopped any activities of leisure or personal care #ask what changes the cr is noticing if the cr denies changes that you believe are taking place see if anyone else notices them #be honest and discuss your concerns with the cr avoid secretive behavior #ask a doctor for a dementia assessment encourage the cr to have a caregiver present to hear the results make sure the cr and the caregiver get their questions answered #if the doctor doesn’t find anything but you believe the cr is showing signs of dementia ask for a referral to a specialist in geriatric health or geriatric psychiatry

Materials: Patience flexibility sense of humor and compassion friends and family other support people and community resources openness to whatever works

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Emotional Psychological, Independence, Some Supervision, Long-Term Memory, So-So L T Memory, So-So S T Memory

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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