Care recipiet cr wants to set up an email account

Try: The internet can be a great way for the elderly to communicate with others and avoid isolation one key aspect of the internet and computer use is an email account discuss email accounts with the cr and determine his interests this will give you

Materials: Computer with an internet connection

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Social

Information: About the cr’s desire for an email account and the type of account that suits him best decide on an email provider such as hotmail gmail or yahoo among others compare features such as storage space however with the cr the simplicity or layout of the website may be an important factor have the cr explore a few providers’ websites try to allow the cr to become familiar with checking email on the website assist the cr is choosing an email provider once the cr has selected a provider go to the provider’s registration page assist the cr with entering her registration information including picking an email address discuss the importance of maintaining an appropriate password with the cr allow the cr to select a password on his own once he understands the basic requirements help the cr login to the email account a few more times after registration to ensure a basic understanding of the process send some test emails to explain this to the cr information

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Keywords: Computer internet

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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