Care recipients crs with dementia can develop paranoia resulting in frequent false accusations and reports of people stealing

Try: #buy a report book at an office supply store or general merchandise store #when the cr has begun making a number of accusations that appear to be false and that you or other caregivers are finding draining begin responding by listening and initiating the writing of a report explain that you need the details to follow up and find out what happened #never tell the cr he or she is crazy or try to brush the cr’s concern off because the cr is paranoid people may be less inclined to believe reports of theft or abuse although in fact caregivers or family members may be stealing from or abusing the cr #ask descriptive questions about the stolen items and then begin to redirect your questions so the cr’s focus is elsewhere ##what color was it what did they look like ##tell me about who gave them to you where did you get it ##always ask what when where how and who but try to avoid asking why if this seems to further confuse the cr

Materials: An official-looking report book or log book pens

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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