A Care recipient (cr) with dementia may appear to forget how to eat or swallow and may require assistance with these at meals

Try: #after the caregiver places food in the cr’s mouth the caregiver can gently touch the cr’s jaw area with a free hand #the caregiver can also place food in her or his own mouth and begin to chew guiding with a free hand the cr’s hand to the caregiver’s jaw area to feel chewing activity modeled by the caregiver #the caregiver can use these touching steps as well for swallowing activity changing the touch area from the jaw to either side of the adam’s apple once the chewing has been done #the touch in the jaw or throat area can be a light deliberate slow stroking motion using the middle three fingertips only

Materials: Eating utensils food additional food and eating utensils for caregiver gentle touch and patience

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Personal, Mobile, Needs Some Assistance, Needs Much Assistance, Immobile, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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