Care recipient (cr) with memory impairment has lost interest in activities

Try: Crs with memory impairment often lose interest in activities and current events but remember things from their past play reminiscing games with the cr books specifically for this activity are available in most book stores or libraries some books for example will have you say a common phrase and let the cr finish the statement play music from the cr cr’s generation and sing along watch movies from his or her generation look at old photographs and ask about people or places pictured allow the cr share stories and memories and ask questions not just about his or her personal experiences but also about the crs recollection of larger social or world events

Materials: Reminiscing activity books music or movies from the person person’s generation old photographs

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Social, So-So S T Memory, Poor S T Memory

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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