Care recipient (cr) with dementia has limited stamina or patience for baths and showers

Try: #if a cr no longer tolerates baths or showers well try replacing some of them with sponge baths a sponge bath involves bringing the cleaning tools to the cr rather than the other way around a sponge bath can be given by a caregiver to a cr who is lying in bed standing up near the bed or in the bathroom or alternating sitting and standing in any safe and comfortable location #while you give a sponge bath give the cr the option of covering him or herself with a large towel uncover the area of the body you are cleaning and then cover it with the towel when you have finished # for a very simple sponge bath use unscented shower or bath wipes or baby wipes as gentle washcloths read the directions on the bath wipes before using them some of them can be heated in the microwave for a short period for greater comfort for the cr bath wipes can be found in many pharmacies #if preferred try the more traditional sponge bath technique fill a small clean bucket with warm water wet a washcloth in it and then apply soap to the washcloth wash the cr gently with the wet soapy washcloth as you finish one area dip another washcloth into the water and rinse the soap from the cr’s skin try not to let the soap dry on the cr’s skin as it will have a tightening effect and feel uncomfortable #when giving a sponge bath start at the top of the cr’s body and work your way down #while giving a sponge bath pay attention to the cr’s skin look for any red spots unusual bruises or sores that may indicate infection the start of a bed sore or evidence of a fall

Materials: Baby wipes or unscented bath wipes several washcloths favorite soap small easy-to-carry bucket warm water large towel

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