Care recipient (cr) is unable to remember the day of the week this causes confusion regarding what activities are scheduled for that day on the calendar

Try: To help alleviate the cr’s stress of not being able to remember what day of the week it is stick one side of the velcro strip to the door of the cr’s bedroom kitchen or some other prominent location put a velcro strip on the back of each laminated day of the week replace the previous day’s sign with the current day’s sign start the cycle for the cr and then work with him or her until it becomes a daily chore and habit the laminated cards with the days of the week can be kept in a file box next to the area where they are displayed encourage the cr to keep the cards in order based on the days of the week the previous day’s card can be placed at the back of the file box and the current day’s card can be pulled from the front

Materials: Velcro strips laminated cards for each day of the week filing box

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Communication, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware, So-So L T Memory, Poor L T Memory, So-So S T Memory, Poor S T Memory

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Keywords: Poor memory forgetful cognitive impairment disoriented disorientation reality orientation

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