Well-intentioned friends and family members can often overwhelm the caregiver with numerous calls for updates on the Care recipient (cr) or to offer help to the caregiver

Try: #designate one helper to receive calls and provide updates on the cr explain to family members and friends this is being done to allow the caregiver more time to care for the cr the helper should use his or her own phone and or email address to keep in touch with people #the caregiver and the helper decide how often they need to communicate with each other i e twice a day once daily weekly etc given the particular demands of the care situation #a list of the frequent callers is made #the helper contacts all persons on the list to inform them that they are to contact the helper and not the caregiver for updates and to offer assistance explaining the caregiver’s needs and the volume of the incoming calls #the helper records

Materials: 1 trusted friend or family member able to coordinate communication by phone or email

Categories: Caregiver Needs&Support, Mobility, Mobile, Needs Some Assistance, Needs Much Assistance, Immobile, Independence, No Supervision, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision

Information: About all incoming calls and the offers of help and reports back to the caregiver #the caregiver continues to provide updates on the cr and the requests for help from the caregiver #the helper may want to send out regularly scheduled emails to all on the list posting care updates and caregiver’s requests to decrease the volume of individual phone calls information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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