Spousal caregiver (cg) needs suggestions on how to effectively care for a spousal Care recipient (cr) cg does not want to neglect his or her own health and emotional well-being in the process and wants to continue enjoying the benefits and rewards of the relationship with the spouse

Try: Be aware that because the roles are changing there will be a shifting of responsibility to your spouse spouse’s physical care and activities of daily living if your spouse is suffering from any type of depression and chooses to remain at home instead of socializing do not fall into the trap of also staying at home because it is easier stick to your normal social schedule as much as you can even if it means arranging for respite care this may keep you from becoming depressed stressed and burned out reach out to others to voice your concerns and needs family friends and neighbors may not realize that there is a problem with your spousal care giving try to keep everything as normal as possible and enjoy the things that you used to enjoy together even though some adaptations may have to be made for example if going out to dinner and a movie was part of your weekly ritual consider a take-out meal from your favorite restaurant and rent a movie to view at home maintaining your own health should be a priority if you do not take care of yourself and your own health becomes an issue you will be less able to help your spouse you may be more aware of safety issues that may affect the spouse because you are familiar with the home environment take appropriate measures to address safety concerns and avoid accidents in the home maintain personal intimacy by reliving special memories through photo albums or family videos keep your children informed regarding your spouse spouse’s condition and circumstances your children may not realize when there is a change and you need more assistance and emotional support in care giving

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