How to get caregiver (cg) to recognize that they are suffering from excessive stress which could lead to burnout and ultimately affect the Care recipient (cr)

Try: Sometimes a cg will resent being told that they are suffering from too much stress if it comes from a family member or close friend try to get an advocate such as a physician or a neighbor to approach the cg with the concern don’t make the concern a criticism of the cg’s ability to take care of the Care recipient (cr) instead concentrate on the wonderful job that the cg is doing and focus the attention on the worry you might have about the cg’s health and well-being the cr may not even realize they are close to burnout encourage the cr to participate in more socialization such as attending a support group or just finding a support person to share feelings with take it upon yourself to find a respite caregiver if just for an afternoon and treat the cg to a social activity – a movie or a trip to a spa sometimes just distancing themselves from the caregiving environment will make them realize just how much the strain is wearing on both their physical and emotional well being be there for them listen with both your ears and your heart

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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