Memory loss may lead to missed appointments lost items skipped medications unpaid bills and other problems

Try: #help the Care recipient (cr) to create a memory aid book #write all appointments events and other things to do or to remember on the calendar making note of the time and place #write a daily schedule for the weekdays for saturday and for sunday and insert them into the 3-ring binder #put frequently called people’s names and their contact numbers on a list and put the list in the binder #encourage the cr family members and caregivers to write down important

Materials: 3-ring binder 3-hole punch 3-hole paper monthly calendar paper pencil with eraser sticky notes

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Information: And stick it in the binder it is often useful if people date and initial the notes they put in the binder punch holes in frequently referred to brochures restaurant menus movie schedules etc and keep those in the binder for easy reference as well #use sticky notes to leave brief reminders around the house for example put a note on the alarm clock reminding the cr to set the alarm before going to sleep or on the bathroom mirror to remind the cr to brush teeth information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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