Caregiver who coordinates care for Care recipient (cr) with dementia from outside the home finds aides are skipping or not completing some of tasks cr is unable to supervise aides or report on their work in detail to main caregiver

Try: #make a list of tasks that you want the aides to complete on a daily weekly or monthly schedule be specific for example monday- wash fold and put away laundry wash dishes tuesday- dust furniture vacuum floors wash dishes #review the task list with every aide in person or over the phone explain to each aide that the lists are a work tool to make sure the cr is gets what is needed to stay safely housed #write a brief job description for the aides and include the activities aides are expected to do daily weekly and monthly the hourly rate of pay or salary whom to contact in case of an emergency and how to contact the main caregiver at the bottom of the list of assigned duties it may be useful to write other duties as assigned #take a master copy of the task list and insert a short line to the left of each task make multiple copies of the list #every day the first aide in should pull a new copy out and date it as workers come through the day they should initial the tasks they finish that day when the aide pulls out a new copy in the morning yesterday’s copy is put into a special folder all materials should all be kept in a special location #the caregiver or a care manager should review the folder as needed and compare what the cr and environment look like to what the aides report doing discrepancies should be questioned #a care manager is a professional hired to coordinate a cr’s care #in some cases a caregiver may need power of attorney to act on the cr’s behalf without power of attorney the caregiver may be limited in authority and may have difficulty getting specific

Materials: Job descriptions checklist of daily and weekly tasks multiple copies folder senior care manager if affordable available or necessary power of attorney to act on cr’s behalf if necessary

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Information: About the cr from social service agencies as well as medical providers information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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