caregiver (cg) needs suggestions on how to be a successful caregiver

Try: Practice good communication skills take extra time to listen especially if the Care recipient (cr) has difficulty forming sentences or searching for the right word don’t rush the cr through a sentence this will just lead to frustration and agitation on the part of the cr be informed search out

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Information: On the condition of the cr and this will usually lead to better ways to deal with stressful situations always treat the cr with dignity and respect just because the cr may sometimes exhibit childlike actions doesn’t mean they should be treated like children they are still adults be tactful if the cr has trouble remembering places or faces don’t add to their confusion by pointing out that they should remember gently remind the cr who people are and the names of places they have forgotten be flexible sometimes a structured daily routine is comforting to the cr but if they are enjoying an activity or special moment be willing to postpone bathing or eating never reprimand the cr for forgetting spilling or being unable to complete or perform a task reward and encourage the skill levels that remain information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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