Caregiving for an individual with memory loss or dementia can be difficult

Try: These tips for ideas with caregiving for care recipients cr with dementia materials try try to establish an environment that allows as much freedom as possible but also offers the structure that the cr may need establish a routine for meals medication exercise bedtime and any other activities do tasks at the same time every day the cr will know what to expect and when change the routine only when it ceases to work keep the environment simple and clutter free remember to talk to the cr speak calmly and gently make a point of telling him her what you are doing and why let the cr take part in any the decision making if possible avoid talking about the cr in front of him her remind others not to do this as well have an id necklace or bracelet made for the cr include details of the nature of the disease e g ‘memory impaired’ and your telephone number this is one of the most important things you can do since people with dementia often wander away or get lost keep the cr active but not upset while the relationship of activity to the course of the disease is unclear some activity does help to maintain physical well-being and may help to prevent other illnesses and infections being active helps the cr to continue to feel that he she is involved in the family and that life has meaning at the same time too much stimulation activity or pressure to learn may upset the cr and you and thus accomplish nothing

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