caregiver (cg) needs advice on how best to deal with stress

Try: Recognize and accept your limitations and expectations and also those of the Care recipient (cr) slow down your pace and that will also put less stress on the cr because your pace may be too fast and confusing for the cr don’t sweat the small stuff realize that not getting all of the housework done is not as important as providing quality care and emotional reassurance for the cr make sure that the things that you provide for the cr such as nutritious meals regular exercise and social contact are also things that you provide for yourself enjoy a hobby you may want to pick one that the cr can take part in also such as bird watching scrapbooking or just renting old musicals from the video store and having a movie night complete with popcorn and candy delegate some of the more time consuming chores such as outside work or grocery shopping to a family member or neighbor don’t try to do anything all at once break down large jobs into smaller less overwhelming ones take things one step at a time

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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