caregiver (cg) gets frustrated because Care recipient (cr) always wants to help cg with housework and chores and this slows down the actual housework

Try: The need to help and be useful is very important to the cr even though the skill level needed to be an actual help has diminished try to never refuse help from the cr this will make the cr feel unwanted and unneeded instead keep a helpful chore container in each room that you may need to be throughout the day doing housekeeping chores in the kitchen the container could even be a drawer that would contain different empty containers and lids that need sorted or put together plastic silverware could be sorted and put into a divided upright container in the dining room linen napkins could be folded and napkin rings could either be sorted or placed on the napkins in the bathroom washcloths can be folded or arranged on shelves decorative wrapped soaps could be sorted and put into dividers or baskets in the bedroom there could be a jewelry box filled with costume jewelry that needs to be detangled and sorted according to type or color in the living room a box of photos could be stacked or sorted and this could also provide added enjoyment by reminiscing outdoors small flowerpots could be stacked and sorted or there are usually always weeds that need pulled the objective should always be to promote the cr’s need to feel productive and useful

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