Care recipient (cr) with memory loss is anxious about keeping up with activities of daily living which feel as if they are becoming more and more difficult

Try: #organize the supplies for each activity of daily living separately bathing grooming dressing taking medications making phone calls and appointments exercising etc gather the items related to each activity and place them handily in the area where they are used #keep in mind that organizing like this is a large task and may take time to accomplish depending on the urgency of the cr’s needs #organize the supplies for each activity of daily living into kits that can be kept in the most appropriate way tooth care items might be kept in a cup in the bathroom medications might be kept in a clear zipping bag in the kitchen #use heavy markers and index cards to label contents of drawers cupboards and storage containers for example gather all nail care tools such as clippers emery boards polish and remover cotton balls cuticle pushers etc and place them in a clear box or bag that can be carried from where they are stored to where they are used note the contents of the box or bag on the side that faces out use tape or rubber cement to attach the card to the box #organizing kits may also be made for activities such as light housekeeping feather duster rags glass cleaner furniture polish surface cleanser in a bucket ; mending spot cleaner needles and thread extra buttons scissors in a small lidded box ; shopping collapsible shopping cart market bags place for shopping list pen ; or bill-paying bills pen paper envelopes stamps calculator letter opener in a letter tray or basket #kits may also be created by organizing drawers for specific purposes throughout the house for example drawers in the bedroom bathroom or closet may be dedicated to cosmetics hair care skin care light first aid prescription medications dental care etc in the kitchen or work area the usual organizing may be adapted to meet particular needs for example a shelf in a cabinet or refrigerator may be set aside for snacks and drinks for easy access day or night

Materials: Organizing plan fat markers index cards tape or rubber cement clear storage containers as needed

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