When an elderly Care recipient (cr) is exhibiting hoarding behaviors here are some techniques that you can

Try: To manage the hoarding materials try be kind and gentle don’t use harsh language or tone of voice and try to be patient remember the cr is not doing any of this on purpose but is only reacting to the decreased functionality of the brain when appropriate you can try to reason and even talk about items to throw out and give away with help from the family if the cr is still at a stage in the disease where he or she can make that connection through reasoning they may be able to give up much of what they have collected provide interesting activities the cr may need more intensive interesting and distracting activities to help curb the hoarding habit such as organizing a drawer helping you label old photographs etc the time you spend with the cr will also create good memories for you which will help sustain you as you make the journey together memory box technique one technique that has proven successful is creating a memory box a special place to keep special things pick out and decorate the box together and put it in the same place all the time if the cr likes to collect bread ties for instance they can keep them in the box and you’ll be able to monitor the box as those bread ties accumulate important items such as eyeglasses wallets etc can be labeled and put in the box for safekeeping and as place to know where things are secure your valuables lock away anything of value to you such as money or jewelry secure certain rooms of the house to keep the cr out find hiding places find your favorite hiding places which might include drawers underneath cushions and beds pockets or closets check those hiding places periodically check the trash before throwing it out talk to your doctor check with their doctor if you believe the behavior is extreme medications such as anti-psychotics and anti-depressants may curb the need to save and keep everything around them although it it’s hard at times screaming and yelling will not help with hoarding behavior it takes patience creative thinking and reasoning when applicable

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