Throughout our lives music provides enjoyment relaxation hobbies and for some a career many milestones celebrations and cherished memories in life are often associated with…

Try: Throughout our lives music provides enjoyment relaxation hobbies and for some a career many milestones celebrations and cherished memories in life are often associated with a particular song fond memories can be recalled and relived by just hearing such a song caregivers can use music in many different ways to provide not only enjoyable entertainment for the Care recipient (cr) but also promote relaxation after listening to music the cr may feel calmer more comfortable and better able to deal with frustration loneliness stress and agitation reliving memories through music may also provide the cr with an opportunity to share those memories with you as a result you may gain a richer understanding of the cr’s life core values challenges accomplishments and so on the rhythmic beat of a song may lend itself to various forms of exercise this can provide an activity to maintain wellness enhance aging and improve the general quality of life there are several ways that music can be enjoyed sing-a-longs with music choose songs that the cg particularly enjoys or those that have a special meaning to him or her listening to music the choices are vast and it may take several sessions focus on the selections that create a favorable or relaxing mood for the cr playing music if the cr has played an instrument or piano in the past hunt up some of the old song books and ask him or her to play encourage the cr to ask others to join in the fun teach the cr and friends how to play a new musical instrument that is easy to learn and fun to play for example form a marching kazoo band with the cr and friends teach the cr and friends how to play various rhythm instruments form a rhythm band or drumming circle start a bell choir you can buy a relatively inexpensive set of bells from suppliers who sell activity aids the bells are played along with the musical track on a cd played through a boom box the bells are color coded and the leader of the group flips cue cards with the colors when your color is flipped you ring your bell encourage and praise any musical accomplishment listening to background music while engaged in another activity for example use soothing background music to alleviate possible reluctance to bathing play upbeat songs during meal times and softer selections at bedtime emotional relaxation with music if you notice that a particular song creates an emotional release for the cr use that music to help relieve stress musical games play different versions of a name-that-tune activity hymns television themes broadway musical numbers children’s songs folk and patriotic music or classical and old standards can be enjoyed in this way using music during daily routines playing the same song during a particular task or routine each day may link them together this may make things go smoother with less agitation and more cooperation from the cr for example play the same tune each day when the cr is getting dressed in the morning the following sample checklist provides an example of how you can easily keep track of songs the cr cr’s response to them either positive or negative and the ways the song can be used in care giving song title or style response of the care recipient can be used to the hokie pokie lots of laughter and energy do the hokie pokie in exercise class every morning moon river sung by andy williams calming effect play moon river before the cr goes to bed or when agitated the boogie woogie bugle boy in company b brought up fond memories of participating in jitter bug contests in the u s army during world war ii cr was quite animated and wanted to tell the stories use as a springboard for a reminiscing activity ask the cr to share about army life during the war dancing and so on information references

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