Many care recipients cr want to stay independent as long as possible there is a wide variety of tools that can help the cr maintain their independence the following are items that may help the cr remain independent

Try: Dressing stick this tool can help the cr continue to dress themselves this tool is especially helpful for crs who may have limited range of motion or difficulty bending their arm the stick is a combination hook pusher that helps put on shirts jackets slacks skirts etc open it rx set this set is a combination of tools that makes opening and dealing with medications much easier this medication set helps the cr to easily open pill bottles prescriptions and over the counter bottles with a push and twist cap in addition there is a magnifying glass tucked neatly inside the cap so that the cr can easily read the warning labels and dosage instructions extra long shoehorn this tool eliminates the need for bending and stretching when putting on shoes and socks in addition there is a hook that helps with the removal of socks reaching tool this handy tool helps crs to reach out and grab even the tiniest objects this also helps reduce the incidence of slipping and falling as seniors no longer have to get on a stool or chair to reach up high the long arm extends with the pincer to grab whatever is needed food bumper these handy guards can form a wall on the plate that helps keep food where it should be this is especially good for those with limited dexterity swivel seat with cover-this handy seat comes with a ball bearing allowing it turn 360 degrees without slipping this allows greater mobility for seniors who do not have to climb off and on a chair to gain access to what they need sponges these sponges are attached to extra long handles that help the cr cr’s complete personal care without straining they can be hung in the shower or bath for easy access bed assist this handy tool fastens to the side of the bed and gives the cr a place to grab onto when arising this handy assist also has a pocket on the side for magazines and other belongings making it easy to access one can be attached to each side of the bed amplified telephone with talking caller id this phone is ideal for people with hearing and or vision loss as well as crs who just want a better way to deal with their telephone the talking caller id will announce the number of the caller there is a powerful amplification that helps the cr hear every call clearly recliner risers these handy and easy to use risers decrease the stress and strain crs can feel when trying to get out of a recliner they are slip resistant and do not interfere with the rocking and reclining of the chair

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