Care recipient (cr) complains of being tired all the time and is often cranky

Try: Encourage cr to discuss his or her fatigue tiredness with you discuss possible causes and solutions for fatigue develop a plan to deal with fatigue it more effectively encourage the cr to schedule tasks according to importance encourage cr to rest between high-energy activities suggest that cr try to plan tasks more efficiently so they can be more easily accomplished encourage cr to get up and move slowly to avoid dizziness or falls try to serve small snacks as well as balanced meals that are high in carbohydrates for example pasta bread fruit and potatoes

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Information: For you and cr for example patterns of fatigue energy levels and activities that increase or decrease fatigue are all important and should be documented help the cr identify high-energy activities and tasks such at bathing and dressing which contribute to his or her fatigue try to find ways to help the cr make activities simpler and less tiring encourage the cr to plan and pace activities around times when he or she has more energy encourage the cr to avoid staying in bed and resting for long periods of time excessive bed rest can cause weakness or decreased energy levels and eventually increase fatigue try to get cr to do some exercising mild to moderate exercise such as walking and stretching can relieve fatigue symptoms increase functioning and gently energize the cr try to tailor exercises to cr’s age physical and medical condition suggest that cr begin exercising gradually several days a week and make sure cr doesn’t get exhausted encourage the cr to remain active to maintain his or her energy levels so that doing necessary tasks is easier try using distraction strategies such as suggesting that the cr listen to music watch tv or play cards to help get rid of mental fatigue and restore mental functioning encourage cr to eat a balanced and healthy diet to maintain and increase his or her energy level the diet should include adequate calories and all of the major food groups such as grains green vegetables legumes and proteins encourage cr to maintain an adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration and hypertension which can make fatigue worse

References: Adapted from www netofcare org symptom management at home by staff writer no date

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