How to eliminate distractions which lead to agitation and confusion for the Care recipient (cr)

Try: caregiver (cg) needs to be aware that the cr could view certain things as distractions in an otherwise empty room too many knick knacks or even figurines can be viewed by the cr as other people in the room several mirrors in a room while providing decorations could also be viewed as more people or things in the room just by reflecting other things or people any type of extra clutter could be distracting to the cr – lots of pillows or afghans on the couches or chairs wall clocks that tick loudly or chime on the hour and half hour even the various lights displayed on digital clocks televisions or dvd players can be viewed as extra clutter and confusion by the cr even the movements of the cg who hurries around can be distracting to the cr they are moving slower and they need things around them to match their pace in order to stay calm

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