Dementia risk in care recipients cr can be reduced through exercise in addition to protecting against alzheimer’s and dementia regular exercise reduces stress boosts mood improves memory and increases energy additionally regular exercise can also slow further deterioration in those who have already started to develop cognitive problems the following are tips for getting the cr started with and continuing an exercise plan

Try: Aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times per week try walking swimming or any other activity that gets the heart rate up build muscle to pump up the brain moderate levels of weight and resistance training not only increase muscle mass they help maintain brain health include balance and coordination exercises head injuries from falls are an increasing risk as the cr grows older which in turn increase the risk for alzheimer’s disease and dementia balance and coordination exercises can help the stay agile and avoid spills stick with it for a month it takes approximately 28 days for a new routine to become habit once the cr gets over this hump keeping up an exercise routine will feel natural protect against head injuries studies suggest that head trauma at any point in life significantly increases the risk of alzheimer’s disease this includes repeated hits in sports activities such as football soccer and boxing or one-time injuries from a bicycle skating or motorcycle accident it is important to protect the head brain throughout life

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