Care recipient (cr) with anger and dementia keeps weapons in the house he shares with his caregiver

Try: #if a cr’s anger is new and outbursts are occurring in a way that was previously not usual seek medical help for the cr if the cr resists seek medical advice about the symptoms #if a cr’s behavior poses an immediate threat to others move yourself and others to a safe distance and call emergency services if you need to contact police or other emergency services let them know the cr’s behavior may be related to dementia let them know there are weapons in the house what kind and where they are in relation to the cr and whether the cr has access to them if they are locked up take the keys to them with you when you move back #in a time of non-crisis make a safety plan or care plan with family members or a very trusted friend the plan should include a response to the difficulties you think are most likely to arise as part of that plan a family member providing care for instance a spouse or adult child would be wise to seek advice about obtaining power of attorney for various aspects of the cr’s’ life about getting a useful psychosocial evaluation from a geriatric psychiatrist in consultation with a geriatric primary care doctor and about crisis intervention services in the area many communities have domestic abuse and suicide prevention hotlines with enhanced services for people who need more than phone counseling having a relationship in advance with the counseling staff of a crisis team may also be helpful #safety may be increased by moving ammunition and firearms further apart or hiding them within the home additionally it may be a good idea to remove firearms and ammunition from the home along with hunting knives or other weapons however the cr’s level of awareness and sense of ownership of the items as well as the caregiver’s relationship to the cr may lead to legal or logistical questions that should be addressed

Materials: Family plan medical and legal advice knowledge of emergency resources

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