Care recipient (cr) touches others inappropriately

Try: #when the cr begins to inappropriately touch others redirect him or her to a task such as sanding wood #give the cr a piece of wood and some sandpaper ask the cr to sand the wood over the trash basket to avoid a mess you can buy soft wood pieces at many craft stores #you could also ask the cr to shred paper with the shredder this may make the cr feel helpful provide supervision as necessary let the cr know how much you appreciate the help #keeping the cr’s hands occupied may provide distraction and allow the cr less opportunity to touch others inappropriately #if the cr is persistent in wanting immediate sexual activity remind the cr to go to his or her room to masturbate

Materials: Sand paper pieces of wood that fit in cr’s hand trash basket paper shredder paper for shredding can be old memos notes newspapers and mail cr’s room

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Sexuality Intimacy, Independence, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision, Cognitive Awareness, Somewhat Aware

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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