Care recipient (cr) says the same things again and again

Try: #one cr may repeat a specific statement several times in several minutes while another may repeat an entire series of statements several times in an hour behaviors such as these may be linked to delirium dementia organic brain syndrome trauma acute anxiety or other medical or psychological conditions stress and substance abuse will usually aggravate the behavior #caregivers can help by fostering a positive environment limiting environmental stressors and stopping any of their own behaviors that support addictive or unnecessarily dependent behavior #the repetitive statements may stop if the cr’s condition is reversible; however if they are symptoms of a progressive disorder they may lead to further trouble with memory and communication #when a cr speaks repetitively offer a distracting activity based on your knowledge of what the cr’s interests and abilities are take a walk visit the library to get material related to a favorite hobby or subject or bake some pre-mixed cookie dough #be patient in some cases the cr will have very limited ability to learn new behavior if the cr is able to learn new behavior the caregiver might gently say you told me this story earlier today when were at the market shopping for vegetables giving the cr details about the first time he or she told the story may improve the cr’s ability to retrieve the memory of telling the story

Materials: Knowledge of cause of behavior knowledge of cr’s interests and abilities distracting activities caregiver with patience

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Independence, Maximum Supervision, Verbal Communication, Poor Verbal Comm, Cognitive Awareness, Somewhat Aware, Long-Term Memory, Poor L T Memory, Short-Term Memory, Poor S T Memory

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