Care recipient (cr) suffers from boredom which leads to frustration and agitation

Try: caregiver (cg) should try to focus on former activities interests and hobbies of cr this may involve asking various family members what the cr liked to be involved with create putter places for cr to reenact former hobbies and interests if cr was involved in kitchen activities or enjoyed baking clean out a cabinet and drawer and fill them with safe baking utensils dishes silverware recipe books etc cr may enjoy just organizing the different articles into the cabinet or moving articles from one cabinet to another or drawer to another in the process of organizing the kitchen if cr had a hobby that included working with tools or woodworking create a safe environment for cr to enjoy that hobby this could include several empty toolboxes and a variety of safe tools that can be organized in certain toolboxes or moved from toolbox to toolbox to organize a pegboard with hooks to hang the tools on could also be included woodworking tools could include blocks of different types of wood and sandpaper if cr enjoyed sewing or making crafts have several different types of fabric to sort fold or feel the texture of supply a box of different trims to match up with the fabrics craft items could be sorted as to size color or shape and placed in various containers if cr enjoyed office work a desk could be provided with an assortment of pens pencils and various note pads be sure and include an appointment book and a calendar

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