Care recipient (cr) resists going to medical appointments or to adult day care

Try: caregiver (cg) should try setting the stage or the tone pay close attention to the way you approach the cr about the upcoming trip don’t give the cr an ultimatum about going the cr is likely to resist just as a defense reaction to the ultimatum use an overly polite and respectful tone when asking the cr to get ready to go the tone of voice you use could disarm and neutralize resistance make sure enough preparation time is scheduled beforehand to get ready to go – don’t hurry things along because time is short this just agitates the cr and adds to your stress and consequently could affect your mood or tone of voice make the trip or appointment a situation where the cr would be helping you by going you could say that you are anxious about their health and keeping the doctor’s appointment would bring you peace of mind going to the adult day care could be helping you by allowing you to keep appointments of your own

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