Care recipient (cr) repeatedly calls others on the phone in the middle of the night

Try: Try geting a phone with a number recognition display or an answering machine so you can decide whether you want to answer the phone try switching mobiles and ringers off at night you may feel guilty about not answering every call but it it’s important to look after yourself and get some rest try putting yourself in cr’s place for example repeated phone calls may indicate that cr forgot that he she already called or cr may be feeling insecure or anxious

Materials: Phone with caller id answering machine

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Communication, Emotional Psychological, Medical Physical, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware, Unaware, Long-Term Memory, So-So L T Memory, Poor L T Memory, Short-Term Memory, So-So S T Memory, Poor S T Memory

Information: n/a

References: unusual behaviourby janet keane 2010 available at www alzheimers org uk

Keywords: Phone telephone calls insecure anxious forgets forgot memory loss

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