Care recipient (cr) continually calls out for someone shouts the same word or screams or yells over and over again

Try: Keep in mind that cr may feel lonely or distressed especially if his her short term memory is damaged for example cr may not remember that you are in the next room and believe he she is alone cr may feel anxious about his her failing memory bored or stressed by too much noise and bustle if cr shouts out at night try putting a nightlight in the bedroom to give cr some reassurance consider how the room looks in the dark are there shadows or shapes that cannot be seen when the light is on but that could be misinterpreted and look frightening in the dark if cr is calling for someone from his her past like a best friend try talking to cr about this period in his her life and respond to the feelings cr is showing avoid harsh facts that may cause distress for example if the person cr is asking for has died cr may not remember this fact and will feel he she is hearing it for the first time

Materials: Nightlight

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References: unusual behaviourby janet keane 2010 available at www alzheimers org uk

Keywords: Shouts shouting screams screaming yells yelling challenging behavior memory loss depressed depression anxiety fear frightened shadows hallucinations hallucinates delusions delusional

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