Care recipient (cr) is yelling crying out screaming and is difficult to soothe information this behavior is often associated with untreated pain fear loneliness or other conditions

Try: First check to see that all basic needs of the cr have been met if the cr is hungry thirsty wet or in pain address this first buy a white noise machine or an alarm clock that also plays white noise these are available at most large retail stores wal-mart target and so on if you have a smart phone or mp3 player you can also download a white noise program onto the device many of these programs are free place the white noise machine near the cr if the cr is hard of hearing ensure that hearing aids are in place or turn up the volume of the white noise to a level that is loud enough for the cr to hear play the white noise program for the cr you may need to try various sound programs to find one that is most comforting to the cr when you find the most effective program sound write it down and share with the cr’s other caregivers

Materials: White noise machine alternatively you could download a white noise app onto a smart phone or mp3 player

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