Care recipient’s cr’s constant removal of clothing prevents socialization

Try: If the cr cannot remove clothing sometimes the stripping behavior can be diverted to a more appropriate behavior both you and the cr should be rested free of pain and calm before outings outings should be short in duration outing should be in a quiet calm environment immediately before leaving home make sure the cr goes to the bathroom before putting on the jumpsuit coverall provide a wheel chair for the cr’s comfort provide the cr with a small lap pet that enjoys constant stroking assess the pet beforehand to insure safety compatibility and appropriateness or provide a favorite soft item for the cr manipulate in his or her hands a treat in each pocket is a nice distraction for example a small rubber toy or stuffed animal do not mention the clothing removal behavior to the cr or within ear shot of the cr do not tell the cr not to remove clothing instead re-direct the cr’s attention to the pet or lap item each time he or she starts to pull at clothing

Materials: Stay-dressed style one piece jumpsuit overall with a long back zipper and a snap-over tab at the top specialty catalogs carry a variety of reasonably price easy care stay-dressed style jumpsuits and coveralls that give the illusion of two-piece outfits wheel chair small pet or one of the cr’s favorite soft object or item

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Emotional Psychological, Social, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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