Care recipient (cr) is very self-centered and lacks empathy for others

Try: Try setting boundaries decide which demands you can meet or how much approval you’re willing to give to cr and then stick to your decision also try to end or cut off a self-centered conversation if you can or at least set a time limit on how long you’ll listen support yourself if your resistance to cr makes him her angery refuse to be emotionally blackmailed remember that your time and feelings are not important to cr this can help remove your guilt try using bargaining chips if you have something cr wants avoid giving it to cr or give it sparingly to keep cr’s worst behavior under control be aware that when you no longer satisfy cr his her old ways will resurface avoid anger any confrontation should be conducted quietly and with control but even a tactful approach may be greeted with anger or sometimes-frightening rage very likely you’ll hear that the difficult situation is your problem and there’s something wrong with you arguing will only make you feel like you will want to blow your brains out be careful not to expect accommodation from cr but do give yourself points for standing up for yourself know when to leave when cr upsets you try leaving the room and taking a mental break

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References: are you involved with a narcissistic person by thomas j schumacher no date available at www ec-online net

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