Care recipient (cr) is in a bad mood and cranky

Try: Remember that growing old can be challenging approach the cr with empathy understanding respect and patience if the cr is combative keep your distance and seek outside help if necessary your next challenge will be to provide a healthy diversion to redirect the cr’s attention away from the negative thoughts or situation talk to family and friends to find out what the cr’s interests are the diversion could be reading books listening to music watching movies hobbies games sports and so on the key is to provide a diversion that the cr is really passionate about for example if the cr was in a rock and roll band in the 1950’s provide recorded music from that era you could even bring in some musical instruments if the cr is still wants to play it doesn’t really matter how good he or she is playing the instrument the important thing is for the cr to be engaged in something positive rather than negative there may be underlying conditions that are causing the agitation try to determine what these conditions are and develop a game plan to deal with them for example there may physical ailments that are the main cause of the irritability you may need to seek the help of doctors and health care professionals to deal with these issues the cr may have trouble dealing with the fast pace of society and find this very frustrating if this is the case you may want to provide a stable and calm environment that isn’t as hectic remember that there are no hard and fast rules in dealing with a cranky cr you will need to adapt as circumstances change be creative and flexible if one approach does not work try something else until you find something that works well

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References: Adapted from the senior journal internet website www seniorjournal com how to deal with a cranky senior

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