Care recipient (cr) is angry and hard to deal with

Try: Try to remember that the cr is not difficult however his or her behavior can be the cr cr’s anger may be primarily due to the inability to do what he or she used to do in the past let the cr vent his or her anger and do not criticize your criticism may unbottle the cr cr’s hostility validate and acknowledge the cr cr’s feelings of anger and be a sympathetic listener put yourself in the cr cr’s position this may give you new insight into his or her frustration focus on the cr cr’s abilities rather than the disabilities praise loudly and criticize softly channel the cr cr’s angry energy into constructive activities always ask yourself what the cr can do to help you with what you are doing now being able to provide help and assistance may give the cr a sense of accomplishment

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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