Care recipient (cr) is a hoarder whose living space has bits of clutter as a result the living space is hard to move around in and clean

Try: Let the cr know that you understand that the items in the environment clutter are important to him or her you don’t have to share your attitude about the items however make sure the cr knows that he or she is important and that you care help prioritize all of the cr’s items place high priority items in the storage bins the rest of the items go in the garbage can explain to the cr the need to limit the amount of items due to the environment lived in size of house apartment room and so on limit the amount of items to only the two storage bins or whatever is appropriate for the cr’s living situation teach the cr about multi-use items for example a bottle of shampoo with conditioner already in it may take up less space than a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner set a regular to work with the cr on managing clutter always be respectful of the cr’s feelings about his or her items remove garbage quickly before the cr can act on regrets and begin removing things from the trash if necessary remove trash and dispose of it elsewhere so the cr cannot retrieve it

Materials: Two eighteen-gallon storage bins garbage can

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Communication, Emotional Psychological, Maintenance, Social, Some Supervision

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