Painful and embarrassing gas may be reduced or eliminated through thoughtful meal preparation exercise and preventive over-the-counter treatment

Try: When preparing dried beans soak them overnight rinsing the soak water off before cooking them when preparing canned beans drain liquids from the can and consider rinsing the beans otherwise the water in the can will add to the carbohydrate content of the dish or meal include high-fiber foods in every day’s meals aiming for five full cups of fruits of vegetables daily of those five full cups make most vegetables and limit beans to only half a cup vary the kinds of fruits and vegetables served by preparing and re-measuring half-cup servings of a several different fruits and vegetables peel and cook vegetables that cause gas for many people this includes beans carrots broccoli cauliflower bell peppers etc try using ginger or tumeric to flavor foods some people find these spices reduce post-meal gas aid the body in moving food through the digestive system by daily walking swimming or stretching to prevent gas from food that might cause it take a dose of an over-the-counter gas preventive these are available in drug stores pharmacies and many grocery stores

Materials: High fiber foods such as fruit vegetables and beans vegetable peeler daily walk or other exercise over-the-counter gas preventative sold in drug stores

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