Care recipient (cr) has temper tantrums when he she doesn’t get what he she wants

Try: Try to remain calm yelling and shouting at cr will only make him her think it is acceptable to yell as well take a deep breath and give yourself a moment try giving cr a verbal warning look cr straight in the eyes and tell him her in a calm voice to stop the behavior or he she will not be able to participate in whatever activity is planned set a time limit such as at the count of three start counting and if cr doesn’t stop you must enforce your promise of no activities try to define cr’s triggers certain conditions are sure to set cr off such as bedtime struggles not getting the item he she wanted in the store sleepiness or hunger so best to prepare for it make sure cr is well rested before going out you have snacks on hand and stay away from cr’s favorite aisles in stores try reinforcing positive behavior praise cr when he she behaves properly this will make him her more likely to choose to behave properly to gain your attention set parameters for cr for example don’t ask him her if he she wants to do something that is required instead let him her choose between two things he she needs to do for example at bedtime ask if he she wants to brush his her teeth first or if he she wants to put on his her pajamas this will give cr some level of control over his her situation and will lessen his her frustration avoid hitting cr no matter how badly he she is behaving hitting will reinforce that violence is acceptable behavior try ignoring the tantrum if cr is doing it to gain your attention or doing it to make you give in to what he she wants giving in will teach cr it is the way to get your attention and he she will keep on doing it better to tell him her you will mind him her when he she stops then pay attention to him her as soon as he she does if the tantrum is in a public place warn cr you will leave unless he she stops the bad behavior take him her to a private corner for a time out to get away from the public eye after the tantrum talk to cr look him her straight in the eye and explain what he she did wrong always correct the behavior avoid criticizing cr teach him her an alternate behavior cr may throw a tantrum because he she doesn’t know how else to act if you yelled at cr apologize for your behavior as well

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References: how to manage a child’s temper tantrum by linda hightower no date available at www howtodothings com

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