Care recipient (cr) frequently hits others when startled information this behavior is often noted in crs who are confused anxious fearful or have impaired cognition hearing and eyesight

Try: Become familiar with the cr’s history and plan care accordingly identify yourself each time you interact with the cr approach cr from the front provide calm reassurance in a nonthreatening manner speak slowly in a face-to-fact position focus on one task at a time provide simple clear instructions to the cr break tasks into small steps tell the cr only one step at a time introduce visitors by name and relationship include the cr in conversations avoid over stimulation from simultaneous activites voices television and noise introduce new situations gradually and use many repetitions protect yourself keep a cell phone handy and don’t get concerned use distractions before the cr gets agitated don’t argue corner force demand tease hurry laugh at or confront the cr

Materials: Detailed history of the cr’s past family work activities likes and dislikes history should include what has provoked and relaxed the cr in the past objects that are familiar to the cr a quiet safe simple structured and uncluttered environment an environment that is fess of objects that might disturb the cr for example mirrors cell phone with emergency numbers post emergency numbers including near-by caregivers for 24-hour backup

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