Care recipient (cr) displays hostile behavior information possible causes of hostility include low self-esteem loss of control disorientation hallucinations poor impulse control too many limits too few choices behaviors that the cr may use to gain control and power tantrums destructiveness rage violence

Try: Use the cr’ detailed history to develop a care plan take the following steps to protect yourself keep a cell phone handy remove potentially dangerous items from the area do not to get cornered by the cr use distractions before the cr becomes agitated watch for the following signs and others that the cr’s agitation may be building pacing can’t sit still threatening words loud voice use the 4 column journal to document the cr’s behavior what occurred just before and at the time of the behavior identify what triggers the cr’s anger try to eliminate or minimize the people situations things and so on that trigger the cr’s anger approach the cr from the front so that he or she can see you smile tell the cr who you are and what you plan to do be calm reassuring kind and respectful don’t argue corner force demand tease hurry or confront the cr if possible allow the cr to set routine for getting up in the morning bedtime meals and personal care allow cr choices regarding clothes food what to watch on television bathing or showering sitting or walking being inside or outside and so on encourage and praise the cr for his or her attempts at personal care activities and so on encourage the cr to express feelings

Materials: Post emergency phone numbers including near-by caregivers for backup 24 hours a day and seven days a week cell phone with the emergency numbers programmed in detailed history of the cr’s past family work likes dislikes activities controlling demanding behaviors and what provoked relaxed the cr pen and 4-column journal

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Keywords: Agitated upset acting out

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