Care recipient (cr) with irritable bowel syndrome eats without regard to what foods cause problems such as diarrhea gas bloat and cramps

Try: If the cr is unwilling to avoid or eat smaller portions of the foods that cause distress find healthier ways to prepare food encourage the cr to avoid tobacco and alcohol encourage the cr to consume smaller amounts of the following coffee with or without caffeine spicy foods raw fruits raw vegetables concentrated fruit juice foods that are high in fat sugar-free sweeteners serve cooked fruits and vegetables rather than raw add whole grains and fiber gradually to the diet fiber will help reduce gas and bloating make sure the cr drinks plenty of water encourage the cr to reduce stress through regular exercise and relaxing hobbies when episodes of diarrhea occur try over-the counter medications to reduce the symptoms give the changed diet 8-12 weeks to show signs of working changes don’t happen overnight

Materials: Cooked fruits and vegetables whole grain foods fiber supplements containing psyllium buy psyllium husk from natural food stores over the counter diarrhea medication if necessary

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