Care recipient (cr) has a tendency to get lost when he she is driving

Try: Suggest to cr that he she consider having someone else drive him her where he she needs to go if cr tends to get lost or confused easily suggest that cr consider alternative modes of transportation encourage cr to drive only in areas that are familiar to him her try contacting a local senior center or other senior-related organization to learn what local transportation services are available for cr suggest that cr have the department of motor vehicles assess his her driving skills if he she is not sure whether he she should drive try to discuss with cr the fact that at some point it may no longer be safe for him her to drive

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Information: Phone numbers names ideas appointments your address and directions to your home place sticky notes around the house when you need to remember things try to label cupboards and drawers with words or pictures that describe their contents place important phone numbers in large print next to the phone ask a friend or family member to call and remind you of important things that you need to do in the day like meal times medication times and appointments use a calendar to keep track of time and to remember important dates use photos of people you see often labeled with their names keep track of phone messages by using an answering machine

References: Adapted from www webmd com alzheimer alzheimer’s disease tips for maintaining a normal life by brunilda nazario 2011

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