Care recipient (cr) is having a hard time with personal care activities that he she use to do for him herself

Try: Try to establish a routine for cr schedule grooming activities for the same time and same place each day; for example brush his her teeth after meals or schedule baths for the mornings or evenings choose the most relaxed time of the day for bathing and grooming try to respect cr cr’s privacy close doors and blinds cover him her with a towel or bathrobe try to encourage cr to do as much as possible this will help to promote a sense of independence and accomplishment try to keep in mind cr cr’s abilities give him her enough time to complete each task; for example brushing his her hair or teeth try to give cr encouragement and support as he she completes tasks acknowledge his her efforts when completed for example say you did a nice job brushing your hair today try to tell the cr what you are doing before doing it for example i’m going to wash your hair now if cr can dress him herself try to lay out the clothes in the order they are to be put on clothing that is easy to put on with few buttons is best

Materials: Towel or bathrobe clothing with few buttons

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References: Adapted from www webmd com personal care for a loved one with alzheimer’s disease by brunilda nazario 2011

Keywords: Grooming personal care dressing bathing

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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