Cheap do-at-home solution for Care recipient (cr) who has difficulty remembering to take medications on correct days or times

Try: #place two egg cartons edge to edge along two long edges with the egg slots all facing the same direction #staple the edges together #add the third and then the fourth cartons for a total of four cartons forming eight rows and 8 columns #on a piece of paper write out the days of the week spacing them so that they will line up with the egg carton columns there will be one unused column #attach this paper along the top edge of the cartons #on another piece of paper write out the times when the cr normally takes meds lining them up with the egg carton rows some rows may not be needed #attach this paper to the row edge of the egg cartons #now pills can be arranged in the grid at the appropriate date and time for a week in advance and the egg cartons have bigger compartments making it easier to dig pills out

Materials: 4 egg cartons with lids removed stapler paper marker or pen

Categories: Medication Mgt, Some Supervision

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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