Care recipient (cr) has trouble getting dressed due to difficulty standing and balancing

Try: Keep the stool in the bedroom close to the bed once the cr has picked out clothing for the day place the clothes on the bed within reach of the stool the cr can dress sitting or leaning on the stool as needed during the process if the cr wears a belt try putting the belt through the loops before pulling pants on or have the cr try this on his or her own sitting especially when the cr is putting on his or her shirt is especially important remind the cr to put pants on slowly one leg at a time have him or her start by sitting then pull the pants up the rest of the way once the feet are through the leg holes

Materials: Non-slippery stool or seat

Categories: Dressing Clothing, Falls & Balance, Needs Some Assistance, Needs Much Assistance

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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