A medication table may be an inexpensive helpful tool for helping care recipients crs remember to take medications

Try: Create a grid on a piece of paper with 2 columns for each medicine and 1 column for each time of day the cr takes medication there should be 1 row for each type of medicine with a few extra in case any medications are added later above first column write name of pill ; above second write why you take it ; and the others write time of day and then the times themselves below that include an exact-size picture of the pill in the box with its name or draw trace the pill so that the cr can be sure they are matching to the correct pill once it is out of the bottle in the first column write the name of the medicine in large letters in the second column briefly and simply describe what it is for place a large x each time the medicine should be taken in the appropriate space in the medicine medicine’s row

Materials: Paper pen or marker

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